Our Story - Couples Memory Book

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Give your loved one the most thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day with this special memory book filled with prompts to help you record your journey as a couple so far,  with every left page being a space for photo's tickets or momentoes.

Your partner will be lost for words when you hand them this book filled with your memories in your own words of your journey together.

Each spread has a prompt on one side such as 'Our first holiday' with a blank page on the other side for you to add photo's or ticket stubs.

As you fill the book you will be creating a permanent record of your journey together, it will be the best gift you ever give them.

There is also space for future entries. This would also make a wonderful gift to a couple or the perfect 1st anniversary gift. The headings are also general enough to make this the perfect gift for your oldest friend.

 Prompts are as follows:

How we first met
The first time I saw you I thought
Our First Date
Our First Kiss
Our Favourite Restaurant
The moment I knew it was love...
Our First Trip
Our Favourite thing to do on a friday night
Our Song
Our Movie
One of my favourite memories of us
The best show/concert we have seen together
Our Favourtite things to do together
A moment you made me feel amazing
Our First Christmas
When you met my parents
Our First Holiday
Our Favourite holiday together
The holiday that didn't go to plan
That weekend away..
The best hotel we've stayed in
The worst hotel we've stayed in
Top 10 Places we've visited
Top 10 Places I want to visit with you
My favourite birthday with you
The time you were there for me
A Milestone Moment
A Special Day
That Special Occasion
When we became a family (Photo space reads Pets, Kids or just you two)
The back then has six pages of 'More Memories..."

This high quality gift book is made from hard board with a foiled cover, the paper inside is a heavy weight 160gsm

The book measures 20 x 20cms and is approx 75 pages.